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Crescita Miracolosa (Miraculous Growth)

Crescita Miracolosa (Miraculous Growth)


complete, perfectly balanced, with micro and macro elements at the highest nutritional level and substances characteristic of the humus of the undergrowth. The exclusive RAM Factor (Metabolism Activator Regulator) optimizes the assimilation of nourishment and the vital functions of the organism of plants, in perfect harmony with their biological cycle, which in a very short time become vigorous and more resistant to diseases and pests : the buds, leaves and flowers are much more numerous, the fleshy, fresh and shiny leaves with deep and intense coloring, the largest and most luxuriant flowers. MIRACULOUS GROWTH improves cellular metabolism, thus increasing the life span of each plant. The "Right Dose" system allows you to dose in a practical way the right amount of fertilizer to be diluted in the spraying water. The benefits of MIRACULOUS GROWTH are quickly visible and will pleasantly surprise, as shown by the results of tests carried out by one of the most prestigious Italian nursery schools. CONCENTRATED PRODUCT to obtain 37 liters of water.

FORMULATION: NPK 7-5-5 + B + Cu + Fe + Mn + Zn.
PACKAGE: 375 ml

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