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Can and DIY germination simple to grow.

Can and DIY germination simple to grow.


🌱 EASY TO USE - Can and DIY germination simple to grow, does not need light or special places to be placed, NEEDS ONLY WATER. Growth cycle from 2 to 7 days to obtain buds measuring from 2 to 5 cm. Very easy to grow, germination kit with seeds to use IN ANY PLACE . Seeds with tasty flavors, strengthen the natural defenses of the organism and enrich the table.
🌱 DISHWASHER SAFE - No bumping, no waste of time to wash it. Healthy, robust and easy to clean. No roots, glass that can be comfortably washed in the dishwasher.
🌱 BIO - Sprouts used by many chefs to enrich haute cuisine dishes with new colours, shapes and flavours, are increasingly appreciated for their incredible taste and high mineral content, Vitamins and numerous other ANTIOXIDANT compounds considered beneficial to human health. Easy to digest, free of waste as they are used in full. Increased protein and vitamin ratios, also suitable for those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan diet.
🌱 RECIPES INCLUDED - The entire special Green Sprout line of the BIO Sprout Kit has been realized with the collaboration of an expert in HOLISTIC NATUROPATHY. On each package of sprouts there is a RECIPE, THE NUTRITIONAL PROPERTIES, THE CULTIVATION INSTRUCTIONS AND THE RECOMMENDED USE IN THE KITCHEN.
SECRETS OF THE CHEF - DIY sprouting kit designed for lovers of delicacies and for those who like to present to their guests at the table or in their restaurant business refined and classy embellishments.

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