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Batlle ECO Fertilizer

Batlle ECO Fertilizer


Product Information
Ecological Level: 1, Eco
Crops and plants: all plants
Batlle Ecological Fertilizer is a 100% natural nutritional complex, obtained from beet molasses and sugar cane, usable in organic agriculture, which has a high proportion of organic matter, along with amino acids and nutrients that promote rapid biostimulant action to the plant, being its easy and quick assimilation, to show the results in a very short time. Usable on all types of plants and in all conditions, interior, terrace, orchard and garden.


17% total amino acids
12% free amino acids
8% total nitrogen (4% organic, 4% ammoniacal)
58% organic matter
pH: 6.5

Dosage: Apply as root fertilizer, diluting 5 ml of fertilizer per liter of water.

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