400ml Ecoyerba Bloom Fertilizer

400ml Ecoyerba Bloom Fertilizer

BATLLE Bloom Fertilizer is a nutritive complex of high assimilation based on Vitamin B1, natural extract of seaweed and 100% organic guano designed to promote rapid and abundant floral induction, as it stimulates the process of photosynthesis and energy harvesting, getting larger fruits with more flavor and more palatable in a shorter lapse of time. Organic based formulation designed to improve assimilation and natural defenses.

EC fertilizer 4-10-11 NPK fertilizer solution + Micronutrients + 2% natural seaweed extract + 2% guano + 0.1% Vitamin B1.

Application rate:
Apply as root fertilizer, diluting 5ml of fertilizer per liter of water.


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