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101 Ideas for Veg for Small Spaces

101 Ideas for Veg for Small Spaces


However small your outdoor space, there's always enough room to grow your own. For inspiration and advice look no further than 101 Ideas for Veg for Small Spaces

  • Feeling the credit crunch? Then why not start growing your own vegetables?
  • We're sure you'll agree there's nothing that can be more convenient than being able to nip into the garden to pick some salad for lunch, some herbs for the pot or some fresh veg or fruit for dinner?
  • Nothing beats the flavour of home-grown produce, or, in these days of additives and preservatives, the reassurance of knowing what is in your food
  • Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an enormous garden, or a dedicated spot within it to grow your own, nor do you need to join the mammoth waiting lists for a local allotment; all you need is a window ledge, some steps, a patio, some wall space or even some gaps in your flower borders
  • In this handy book, 101 Ideas for Veg for Small Spaces, the team at Gardeners’ World Magazine will give you loads of tips on how to get started if you’ve never grown fruit or veg before, suggest some fun and practical ways you can grow your favourite crops in your small space, and tell you how to get the best from what you grow
  • Growing your own has never been more popular or more simple, and in this essential little guide, packed with inspirational ideas and advice from Gardeners’ World Magazine, everyone can get in on the act. So what’s stopping you now? Go on, get growing your own grub!
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